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LIC colony road,Salem


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  •  Traditional Photography
  •  Traditional Videography
  •  Candid Photography
  •  Candid Videos
  •  Cinematic Videos
  •  Pre/Post wedding shoots
  • 13 Years of Experience

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322, LIC colony road, Opp to new bus stand,, LIC colony road, Salem,636014

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About Kamru Photography

My Style and Philosophy My Wedding work is of contemporary style. I follow an embedded journalistic approach to the weddings that I document. I bring in ideas from photojournalism, street photography, documentary photography, portraiture and fine-arts, into my work. I meet the couple well in advance before their wedding day. I get to know them, and preferably get to know their immediate family members and close friends. This allows me to break the ice between the photographer, camera, and the people being photographed. This ensures me to capture intimacy and candid moments in every wedding fiesta with an insider perspective. Kamrudeen is an designer by profession, and a photographer by aptitude. Kamru loves using technology and gadgets. Digital photography provides a happy marriage of all the various skills and preferences that Kamru has acquired over the years. His style of photography melds the techniques of the different media he has worked in, with his formative training as an artists. The influence of the different media on his work is especially apparent in the composition and post-processing of his photographs. Kamru took to full-time photography in 2009, deciding to focus on weddings and portraiture. Given that he is very social and yet can be an unobtrusive presence, he is able to participate in as well as capture the fleeting moments in a wedding ceremony that make for wonderful memories. He also loves to bring romance into his work both in terms of subjects as well as treatment, and works with the couples to bring this aspect to the fore. Kamru loves all things new : people, technology, gadgets, whatever. It is this restless search for the new in all things that motivates him to try different things and makes him a good learner as well. He constantly tries to update himself; mainly sourcing inspiration, tips and techniques from other photographers all around the world and from the world wide web. And the search is on.


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