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  •  Candid Photography
  •  Candid Videos
  •  Cinematic Videos
  • 2 Years of Experience
  • Starting Price at Rs.55000.00

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B311, Ananya Raintree, /207, Dr. Kandha Swamy, 2, Bharathiyar Rd, B.K.R Nagar, , Ganapathy, Coimbatore,641006

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About JK Creatives

We at JK Creatives, will get you the moments you want to treasure forever, as they happen, candidly. You will find me getting totally absorbed as if I am just one of the guests at your wedding, with a really nice camera! God has blessed us with a ridiculous amount of patience and energy, of which we are very grateful for and we have no problem acting silly just to get a smile from you all. We will only use the lightest of editing to produce great images and will ensure that your wedding shoot is totally devoid of any artificial looks. Our favorite thing about being a photographer is being able to create something both beautiful and memorable that can be cherished by both the customers and by us for years to come. A husband and wife Team of Candid Wedding Photographers from Coimbatore who love capturing endearing expressions, magical moments and those evocative split seconds… We love photography as much as we love each other… (Ah, Maybe a tad lesser) and believe in filling every minute of our lives with 60 seconds of fun… With us around, complete unseriousness is a guarantee!” Be at ease as we weave a tale out of your special day and deliver you an enchanting photo story!! You will never have to pose for a photograph, for we know you are amazing just the way you are. We love relaxed and funky clicks as much as you do. We also make sure that we are unobtrusive – so be assured that we won’t be the elephant in the room! Reach out to JK Creatives, Wedding Photographers in Coimbatore for all your events and functions


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It’s better to book 4-6 months in advance.


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