84Mm Studio

Ashok Nagar,Chennai


Photographer Specialization

  •  Candid Photography
  •  Traditional Photography
  •  Candid Videos
  •  Traditional Videography
  •  HD live spot mixing with Blue Ray
  •  Wedding HD Photography
  •  Pre/Post wedding shoots
  •  Helicam Shooting (Above 4K)
  • 5 Years of Experience

Location Map

19th Street, Ashok Nagar 4th Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Chennai,600083

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About 84MM Studio

Having spent our growing years together ever since the school days - our love to travel, meet new people and create memories through the visual medium brought 84mm studio to this world. The name 84mm is a fusion of our year of birth (1984) and the lens nomenclature "mm". An exciting journey which started as a passion that defined us individually (Harish, Sreedhar & Ananth), 84mm Studio is now a culmination of our efforts together to create something special very close to our hearts. Despite graduating as engineers and serving a seven year professional career in Automobile and Networking industry, Harish and Sreedhar quit their mainstream jobs to establish 84mm studio as a professional photography service provider. While Ananth continues to work with software services industry, he contributes to the team with his expertise. Apart from creating unique wedding frames, Harish pursues his passion for cinema and writes poems in Tamil. Sreedhar is actively involved with dance and cultural photography. Ananth writes blogs on cricket and pursues travel photography as well. Our Gear When it comes to photography, our armory has Nikon D750, Nikon D800, Nikon D810, Nikon 800E,Canon 5d, Canon 7d, Nikon D90, Canon 550D with an array of lenses including 70-200 f2.8, 16-35 f4, 24-120 f4, 24-85 f4, 50mm f1.8, 85mm f1.8 to name a few. For traditional video coverage we deploy Full HD SONY cameras


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